benefits of pnf stretching

Benefits of PNF Stretching and Why It’s Awesome

There are many awesome benefits of pnf stretching. For one, It can greatly increase your athletic ability by enhancing your flexibility. Suffering from tight muscles is a very common affliction where many athletes find themselves embroiled in.

This can cause pain and even damage to the muscle tissue themselves if stretched too far or too forcefully during a sporting event or other active endeavor. A major problem that athletes undergo is the psychological factor of coping with performance hindering tight muscles.

Don’t think for a second that these drawbacks are indicative to anything immutable. If other stretching methods seem to have simply not worked for you, you can still increase your flexibility and range of motion with pnf stretching!

Read on below to see some awesome benefits of pnf stretching and how it can help you with your performance and well-being!

Increased flexibility

One of the best benefits of pnf stretching is that it allows you to safely stretch your muscles beyond what you normally could without this technique.

This is due to autogenic inhibition. This occurs when your brain gets “tricked” by receiving inhibitory and excitatory signals one after the other over the course of a pnf stretching session.

This mix of signals allows autogenic inhibition to occur. Thus, allowing for much deeper stretching to occur.

Best for very tight muscles

When static or dynamic stretching isn’t enough, pnf stretching is probably the way to go! Pnf stretching was designed specifically for rehabilitation patients and athletes who suffer from very tight muscles to regain their range of motion and flexibility again.

If done right (by a professional or an experienced individual) the results could change your life in a great way! It’s very important to note here that if you do pnf stretching, it be done by someone with the proper credentials, as it can be potentially dangerous otherwise.

Improved athletic performance

Some other very noteworthy benefits of pnf stretching are that it greatly increases your ability to achieve adeptness in your chosen sport or activity. Having more flexibility than your opponent can literally mean the difference between winning and losing.

A well designed pnf stretching routine can truly make or break your performance. Be that as it may, you must stretch consistently to realistically see the results you desire.

Final thoughts on the benefits of pnf stretching

As you can see, there are many awesome benefits of pnf stretching! It can greatly improve your athletic performance by increasing your flexibility and range of motion.

Nevertheless, it isn’t limited to only athletes and rehab patients. It’s also very effective for the typical person suffering from tight muscles. If done by a professional, or by someone with analogous credentials, then you can expect a plethora of results, even from just one pnf stretching session!

Pnf stretching is a great route to take when other stretching methods just don’t work. It was specifically designed for more extreme cases of muscle tightness. Thus, why it’s imperative to have a trained professional perform such a stretch with you.

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